'Dark Magic' - A necromancer begins to cast a spell against a warrior


this contains much win…love the models

Cool stuff.

Why does that knight look so familiar?

Original please.

Very nice Ubi. May I direct your attention towards the skeleton models and their whereabouts and accessibility if any?

(Have to lay down. Posh English always makes me dizzy)

hey that knight look’s like an imperial guard from oblivion where can i get it?

Awesome work as always

Holy fuck the weapons are big.

'Cause giant weapons can be awesome sometimes.


They are dick replacements. Some Japanese artists have an issue with that:smug:

How I understand, this is Oblivion stuff?

Stop right there, criminal scum! Your spree is at an end, pay the court of fine or serve your sentence, your stolen goods are now forefit.

If that dosen’t ring a bell, then, please leave the thread.

Also: Is it depressing that I knew that quote from the back of my head?

Hot damn.

You don’t break the law on MY watch! :wink:

Yeah, I tried to resize some of them with the prop resizer (the swords were actually even bigger) but I forgot to resize the skeleton archer’s weapons. Meh!

Indeed it is.

Thanks for the comments boys and gals.

Is that a sword or a club? Looks ridiculous either way.

Phew, I forgot a part.

Still hope at getting a chick :pervert:.

Curse you Ubi. Like I haven’t got enough models I seldom or never use. Now I have to download this to.

Tell me about it. Now I’m in the release section and those Space Marines are soooo tempting. :slight_smile: