Dark Messiah 3d models [help]

HI guys, been a dark messiah fan for a while now and I recently learned Maya and Zbrush, I know I’ve seen some members posting pictures of the models in and out of the game, (even sareth’s! who had been discussed to have no head at all) but anyway, can anyone help me on this? I wanted to mostly play with the models, see how they were done and learn a few things from my favourite game. I did try to google this but the search returned very few, nearly none, results… that and the search function is disabled for me on this forum… If anyone can help, let me know thanks in advance!

Install the game and most content is in the gcf files. Just open it with a program called gcfscape and extract the models extures. Decompile using a decompiling tool and you will have the smds.

I did do that :slight_smile: but Half life viewer crashes when i try to load the .mdl file… what decompiler do you recommend?