Dark messiah models.

the title says all. Ragdolls from dark messiah… From Menelag trough Xana to Arantir… the main characters, villagers, enemies, the dragons…etc… WITH MATERIALS UNCLUDED!

YES I KNOW THERE ARE OTHER MODS LIKE THIS, but the link doesn’t works for me… T_T

pllease someone send me a good link or something else if thehere are any working ones…

Do you own the game?

If you dont, it would be illegal.
Nobody likes illegal, not even Facepunch.

wow two famous members!!:smiley:

i own the game.

but as far as i know upoading files from games is not illegal as far as it’s non-poifit. at least i think…

Famous? Yippie-kay-jay.

But uploading anything without the author’s permission is illegal.

Get the demo version from steam and extract the files with GCF Scape, that’s what i did. You get most of the ragdolls and models.

If you own the game, just mount it with “gm_mount”


The url’s you’ve provided don’t work =(
Can you plz post a new one?

How about this one.

it’s still processed or what… T_T