Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Multiplayer Map Ports

Why no… no, no they’re not.

Say umm can anybody help me out im sorta newbie but , how exactly do you extract all the maps ?

Step one: Buy Dark Messiah on Steam.
Step two: Take a screen shot while in-game and then PM LlamaLord about the game.
Step three: Get the P/W from LLamaLord and Download first Link.
Step four: Copy the “DMoMM” File into your Addons folder in Garrymod.
Step five: Download second link and repeat step four.
Step six: Praise LlamaLord for being the map-porting god of wonderment.

I can’t figure out where to put the gcf-files. I haven’t downloaded them from the content pack since he said it was unnecessary if you already have the game installed.

Well I know what to do with the .gcf but I still get texture errors :frowning:

Extract models and materials. be careful though, in the materials folder dont include “Console,VGUI” stuff as it will replace the main menu BG and some icons.

I did that but he never replied to me.

Yeah, I had to wait a few days on mine.

Is it just me or do lists lag the fuck out of you?

Halp. :frowning:


I did copy all the materials and put them into /addons/nameofaddon/ … What’s wrong…

Nevermind, found it! :smiley: generic seems to be missing.

I get this error when i try to use the maps in GMOD. The single player maps.
CModelLoader::Map_IsValid: Map ‘maps/l10_a.bsp’ bsp version 262164, expecting 20
map load failed: l10_a not found or invalid

I have dark messiah installed and have moved maps/models/materials to garrys mod maps/models/material folder…


Have Dark Messiah on CD. But do I need the Steam version for this?

I wouldn’t think so…as long as you can access models and materials folders it shouldn’t make a difference.

Anyone know the password, the OP isn’t even active anymore

I still say that Dark Messiah is the most innovative third-party Source game ever developed.

OP’s instructions are not very clear, I have the game, copied all the mm_mp GFC files, put them in a folder, now what.

The password to the mediafire is “Day of the Destroyer”

THANK YOU! (Caps intended) :dance: