Dark Messiah Ragdoll pack

Hey guys, so i’m considering releasing a ragdoll pack including all the characters from dark messiah, but before i do it would be great if i could get a few people to give it a test and check if it works, about five preferably.

Thanks in advance to anyone who’s up for it.

That would be warez, you would need to buy the game and move the materials / models yourself.

how do we do that?

Well, you could either do it the lazy way by installing gm_mount.

Or manually extracting the materials / models out of the .gcf yourself.

I did tell him that. (though you can use the demo).

Edit: does anyone have a link to the modified gm_mount as that one sounds much more useful but the link is broken.

I found these other ones.

Those might work.

Thanks :smiley: the second one has a download, the first one is the one with the broken link.

Well, fair enough.

Edit: I have a spawncode for the ragdolls if anyone wants it.

I’d like that, I moved way too much stuff and I can’t find alot of it.


There’s the link, have fun.

Edit: Oh yeah, almost forgot, put it in steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod/settings/spawnlist