Dark Messiah spawnlist

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Dark Messiah spawnlist

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] A Dark Messiah spawnlist with everything you’ll need, took me an hour to make the spawnlists.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Dark Messiah, GCFScape (http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?p=26), and minor intelligence.

[tab]Download:[/tab] http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/3/27/932588/Dark%20Messiah.rar [/release]

Ok, now, this is my first release post. I looked around for a spawnlist for Dark Messiah, but just could not find one. So, for once, I decided that I’d make my own. Download the file, and put it in your addons folder. Now, in the Steam\SteamApps folder, open “mm_materials_c_pub” in GCFScape. Right click the contents of the “mm” folder, and extract into the “Dark Messiah” folder in “addons”. DO NOT extract “mm”. If you do, remove the contents of “mm” into the root “Dark Messiah” folder in “addons”. I am sorry, but this is going to take up another 1.3GB of your storage space, but its worth it in my opinion.
In the “Dismemberment” part of the spawnlists, the torso part of the cut-in-half ghoul is missing. Sorry, but, whenever you use it, it gets extremely distorted. I made it so that the things in the spawnlists works properly. The decapitated heads are weird, and the grabbing hitbox is below the actual head, around where the actual ragdoll’s feet would be, so those are still possible to use, just harder. Sorry, nothing I can do.
Anyways, enjoy. The Multiplayer models are not in there, if there is a popular demand for them, I will include them soon. So, go on out there and get posing.


Edit: while the heads have a low hitbox, it is still possible to make decapitation poses, here’s a couple of examples:



P.S: Sorry for large images. I used the camera tool, and I run on 1280x1024 resolution.

Nice ! Or something …

does any of the models have any hl2 animations?

What do you mean? These are not NPCs, they’re ragdolls, props, and effects.

Can i ask where you got the decapitation mod ?

It isn’t a mod, in Dark Messiah: Might and Magic, the severed limbs and decapitations were included. There are also models missing arms and legs, and some cut in half. But, if you want decapitated and such models for the regular Half-Life 2 characters, search garrysmod.org for Heads pack.

i know they are props and ragolls…

but I wanted to know if the ragdolls have Hl2 animations so when i Model manipulate them onto an NPC they can do go “T” on me.

in other words, are the ragdolls rigged up to the hl2 skeleton?

Well, That wouldnt include the decapitation of Downloaded models then … Or SAS Perhaps ?

The models themselves are not capable of being decapitated on the spot - as he said there are multiple models for limbs and bodies missing those limbs.

Nice pack, it almost inspires me to go attempt to mount Dark Messiah again and compile a full spawnlist for GMod 10, as I did with 9. (It even included props and architecture! :O)

Yes, because Dark Messiah: Might and Magic runs on the Source engine.

I think that Heads pack contained CS:S models and headless models, too. Download it, it’s not that big, and its kinda fun to mess around with.

Also, thanks for clarifying that, Squiddy, I don’t know of any GMod 10 ragdolls you can decapitate. And, in my opinion, I still got about 100GB left on my hard drive, so it’s worth it to me.

I want to make some NPC with these models but there’s no point in trying if the models have no animations. they will walk around with a body posed as a “T”. so are they rigged up to any hl2 character skeletons? do any of them have hl2 character’s ‘MODEL’ animations?

I’m not very familiar with animating in Half-Life 2, but, if it’s like Half-Life 1, then you should be able to port animations from other models. But, they probably already have their own animations. If you could make Dark Messiah NPCs, I would love you. That would be the most epic thing to happen to Garry’s Mod since Wire.

I am going to try.

Please do. :slight_smile:

No, they don’t hold basic HL2 animations, so you can’t model manipulate them. Just because they both run off the source engine (which you are still a bit wrong, because DM:MM runs on a modded source engine) doesn’t mean they will have the same anims.

Cool, the spawnlist works :smiley:

(off and on topic question: The mega worm model…How do you reduce it’s “gravity” so it is easier to pose?)


Second: I have no idea. I was trying to get the worm to work, but its almost impossible. Sorry, that’s why it’s not in the list.

darn it :frowning: I wanna pose that thing so bad, but its so heavy, and way too big to move or pose :slight_smile:

An easier way to pose the worm than normal methods would be to freeze every segment, and then hold your “e” button (or whatever you have “use” set to) and rotate each segment into the desired position. It’d be awesome though if someone attempted a new ragdoll and collision model for it. :expressionless:

I should try that.

But seriously,does anyone know how to change it’s weight? That worm is badass, and I want it on a map like buttes :smiley: