Dark Messiah without needing Gm-Mount 2?

I know there are many packs but most either take 9 downloads or are just a spawnlist, I own Dark Messiah, but Cant install Gm_mount 2. Really I just want the stonehelm guards (with Helmet), The Death knight, The liches, and lastly The weapons.

Why can not you install Gm_Mount 2? You receive an error?
In this site you have all about mounting. After download, there is a text document called “README”. There are all tips.
If you install this properly, in Garrysmodd menu, in lap “Extensions” will be games, that you can have props from.

Gm mount 2 doesn’t work with the latest updates…that’s been repeated time and again. As for getting Dark Messiah without it, here’s a little tidbit I posted in the GM_mount 2 thread a while ago:

It’s for Eternal Silence, but the method works for Dark Messiah too…that’s how I have mine in game. Your models should appear in your browse folder, it’s just a matter of right clicking them there to add them to a spawnlist if you want. Dark Messiah maps don’t work though, so there’s no point in throwing those in.

I couldn’t find a gcf. file nor was anything for dark messiah (except the folder) was in steam apps.
This had nothing useful in it either.

    So thanks anyway.

l4d2, the reason Gm_mount 2 didnt work for me is because in the instructions I was told I needed a Orange box folder and I dont need orange box cuz I already hav most of the games.

The problem is that uploading any of the models from Dark Messiah is considered to be warez on these forums. So, while it would be trivial for me to upload those models, I can’t, because I would be banned, you would be banned, and the files would probably be deleted before you even got them.

IIRC, you don’t even need gm_mount anymore - if you have the game installed, you should be able to just select it in the GMod menu and it’ll work. Don’t quote me on that, though - I haven’t checked in forever.

Finally, if you have Dark Messiah installed, you should be able to just copy the models/materials over from the .gcf, just like any other Source game.

Dark Messiah, along with Sin Episodes and I think the Ship, aren’t Valve games or mods of Valve games, so Gmod doesn’t support them by default…yet.

You didn’t find a Dark Messiah gcf because it’s called “mm” something.gcf…such as mm_materials_a_pub.gcf. Which I think I remember that you need the A, B, and C materials, along with the Models of course.

wouldn’t this work though?

	"name"		"Dark Messiah"
	"version"	"1.0"
	"up_date"	""
	"author_name"	"Valve"
	"author_email"	"n/a"
	"author_url"	""
	"info"		"Dark Messiah Content"
	// Won't be active unless the following GCFs are available and
	// are mounted
		//"0"			"mm" //The way, gm_mount2 handles it
		"0"		"550" //The way, garry handles it

I don’t know…if it does it would be a way simpler way of handling it.