Dark messiah wont mount

hey guys, nice forums you have here.

Ive recently ought garrys mod and added gmount 2 so i can use my dark messiah content too. installed gmount and there dark messiah appears in the gmod settings, saying unavailable.

ive played a game of dark messiah so the game is in my steam folder, ive reinstalled gmount after doing so and stil nothing ‘unavailale’.

anyone had anymore luck than I? any tips woul de great as ive tried everything i can think of


Dark Messiah isn’t compatible with gmod.

But, you can get Dark Messiah models and other things at gmod.org (Considering the brick-shitters didn’t yell WAREZ!! and had all those files banned.)

Read what he said

He downloaded gm_mount 2 and with gm_mount 2 you can mount virtually any source engine game

As of the most recent Gmod update, gm_mount2 is broken, You’d have to ask Avon if he’s going to update it or not.

And why should it? It doesn’t have Source engine.

if you don’t know what your talking about dont post.

what yes it does

^ There Dark Messiah models on gmod.org, considering its on Source, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were ripped.