Dark Messiah Xana request.

I can’t find a nude skin of Dark Messiah’s Xana to GMod. I know she has been used in it, but the only thing I found was a messed up rar file.

I don’t know if that skinn got lost.

Me and some friends really wanted to finnish our Dark Messiah parody. But we need her to do so. A thousand fertile lifes to anyone who might step up.

Do you have the game? If so, just get gm_mount, mount Dark Messiah, and there. And I know she’s not a ragdoll in that form, but there should be a way to spawn her as an NPC (acts like Kliener) and then kill her and just use her body. :confused: I don’t know, just try.

Transplant the .phy from the female villager and rename it the same as the xana model you want to ragdoll, it works perfectly. (though the tail doesn’t work for the demon version, but then why would it.)

Thanks for the tips. I will give it a try.

np, it worked fine for me, so it should for you :slight_smile: