Dark Night

it appears to be some awfully clean ruins. Oh and the concrete is on fire, someone should put that out.

I couldn’t locate Batman anywhere, but nice job placing that car I guess? I really can’t see what else you did here.

Pretty cool atmosphere, but it’s also really empty.


[release][h2]NIGHT =/= KNIGHT[/h2][/release]

Finally I can let that out.

where is batman

Yeah Chesty was right, people really can’t take a joke.

they can take a joke if a picture has batman!!!

Dark night, the title of the latest batman movie was dark knight. Dark night - dark Knight.

See the resemblense?


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It’s not even funny.

yeah but I’ve seen that same goddamn typo so many times that I don’t even know anymore.

don’t make jokes about extremely common typos or spelling/grammar mistakes if you want to avoid misunderstandings

Inb4 Cheesy comes and runs me to the ground

or you’re just really bad at making it known that there is one

Thank you very much. I will learn to work with “emptiness” and in the future I will try not to disappoint you.

Don’t forget about the Batman!

Batman will kill evryone on you
even me…oh crap…

Like him?



You know thats a wooden floor right?