Dark Plague

Textures. :buddy:

Dark Plague




Look out for those head hump-

…Too late.

This style reminds me a lot of someone which I cant remember the name right now.

I thought it was funny. I imagine him yelling “OH GOD, IT’S RAPING MY FACE!”.

“AHW Is that thing HUMPIN’ him?!”
Poor MP…

Where is my criticism. :smith:

Well it’s generic, i don’t like the mood, but nice job on the shading.

Go easy on the textures. You only need to apply textures to objects with terrible original textures and/or the main character of a pose. If you apply it on anything and everything then the whole picture ends up really sharp and certain objects distract the viewer from the main focus of the image.

Thanks! I’ll remember that. (Really, I will :v:)