Dark Rp Bug :(

For some reason everything is working with the dark rp gamemode on my server except, the modules (poop pee mod, hungermod, and sleep mod). I tryed to reinstall it and delete other addons that might cause problem but they still do not work.

Even when i try to do rp_hungermod 1 in ~ its like nothing is there.

Im using DarkRP 2.3.7. : http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=70002

Please help me D:

Steam name: xkontra

SVN or stable build?

Simple…don’t use DarkRP :eng101:

A dark RP mod problem? That is a mystery.

Im not sure i downloaded right from that link …



what the fuck
why would anyone make or want that

Get the SVN version. It has a lot of fixes, and you can get better support for it.

Do you have the svn link ?