dark rp cant add custom jobs!

My Dark rp works fine however the second I add any custom jobs it breaks the server.
It makes it so the default model your doesn’t load or something as all the player get no animations and are Grey and like statues, and it makes the list of jobs under the jobs tab disappear completely (even the default jobs). I was reading, and if I have a custom job that uses weapons or models from an addon or other game do i have to copy those weapons to the darkRP folder (i wouldn’t think so).

Help Please!

The only Reason I made a server was for my custom job ideas D:

It sounds to me like you did something wrong when making the classes, when you do that it will break the entire shared.lua and all the classes inside it.

When I had a similar problem, I commented out all the classes and brought them back one at a time when I tested them. the classes that were broken, I read through them carefully and made sure that I didn’t miss out a comma or something somewhere.

The playermodels without animations you will need to go into the Gmod Q menu, browse, garrysmod, player and there are models that have the correct playermodel animations.

Post the codes and we can see whats wrong with them