dark rp Custom shipments

I have managed to make it so I can spawn the shipment, but when I use it, it spawns the weapon, held in hands, and I can’t pick it up. What did I do wrong?

I’m trying to use Kermite’s trigun pistol swep


Perhaps a bit more detail? What I mean by the gun is held in hands, When I press use on the shipment, it spawns what appears to be what you see when you wield a weapon, the hands, a bit of the arms, and the gun. it floats in the air, is non-solid, and cannot be interacted with at all.

look at your licence ? in dark rp if you haven’t the license for the gun or if the gun need a license you can’t take it

That’s not the issue, The shipment itself is flawed, and I’m not sure what I did wrong, I think it is the model I used, but I do not know what the proper model is.

you have wire mod? try it with explosion : it have a custom models line

Wiremod? this issue has nothing to do with wiremod, I can already make my clients download what I need to, my issue is that the model I set the shipment to use is wrong, but I have no idea what the correct one is.


I suppose, can some one give me an example of, the model of a gun being held by another player, a and a gun on the ground? I should be able to get it from there.

yes but look in your spawn list and try with wiremod -explosion if you have?

No, wiremod is not isntalled… but I think I see what you mean now… I’ll try it in singleplayer where I have wiremod

You used the view model of the gun, Probably starting with an v_
Replace the v with a w of world model and the arms should disappear and you should also be able to pick it up.

Oh, Thanks!

No problem.