Dark Rp Dlogs

I was wondering do you need an addon of some sort to get damage logs or is it already there and im just not typing in the commands right?

Hello Mate,

DarkRP Does not include a built in Damage Log System.

This addon: http://coderhire.com/browse/script/607/darkrp-extensive-logging-now-with-warrant-wanted-logging
Has a built in Damage log, as well as about 10 more features. Its $10.

Ultimate logging? pfffft, we log more :smiley:


I hate coderhire, it’s ruining gmod servers imo. That been said, nice gui and features for $10 :/.

I personally hate coderhire as well :slight_smile:
What is your logging system. Looking for a new one.

Custom one.

@op if you’re just wanting to log damage to a text file then you can add the function to darkrp very easily. You just need to call the damage hook, you can easily use darkrps log system to record it inside the darkrp logs & display in console(though console would be spammed a tad).