Dark RP Editing

Hello all,

I am the owner of a build RP server but I’ve run into a problem. No1 wants to donate for more responsibilities. So I thought I would add a new rank called Donor rank that would have access to extra jobs and extra weapons. But the problem is I need dark rp to recognize donor rank as admin and my new admin rank serveradmin as admin also. So can any1 do this for me?

  1. No one’s going to donate for a DarkRP server. Period.

  2. However, you could do that. I could help if you wanted. Do you mean like a “Donator” class or just privilege that applies across the board?

If you could help me thatd be awesome. And if people dont donate for that then I guess the server will go down or I’m ganna have to pay for it outa my pocket. But could you help?

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  1. I agree, nobody’s going to donate to a shitty DarkRP server. Stop using it, it’s the worst rp script out there.

  2. Nobody is going to donate just to get some stupid class with more stupid dm weapons.

Well for your info people enjoy my server alot but what rp would be better? lightrp?

I think your idea is pretty good, i can understand why you would want to give people special rights for donating, and although i can’t help you, i have seen DarkRP servers were people have donated. And i love Dark RP…

Erm, I wouldn’t go to the extreme of jma; I think DarkRP is a fine script.

And yes I could help you if you needed, but…

I want the Donor class to be able to see admin jobs but thats it.

so can someone help me out here?