Dark RP Failed for me :(

I put Dark RP in my gamemodes yesterday, i click “Create Game” and set the gamemode to dark rp and so on, let it load, but Dark RP was not running.
Why is that? is there a addon i need to have? do i need to run it on a SRCDServer? please help. :frowning:

NOTE: Dont post unless your going to help, and dont tell me to go get a different game mode.

Answer: Don’t use Dark RP.

Gtfo Big Man

on topic: in side your darkrp folder does it have a info.txt?

Yes, it has info.txt, but this is what its says:

(Some content removed due to it being big)

and how to install.txt just tells me to put it in gamemodes, change log dont tell me how to do it ether

How many addons do you have? Sometimes certain addons conflict with DarkRP

i have alot: adv dupe, bridgetool, conna’s tools pack, createmakerstool, gm_bigcity, gmanage, GMDLer, gmodtower, gmpaint, gpk_dropoff, hat maker, helicopter vehicle, hudinfo, info_particle_controller, keypad, kitty pack, ladderstool, laserstool, lief support 2, is extension, ls oil generator, magnespawner, moneydetector, no collide world, particle maker, particle maker 2(different from particle maker, not by the same person), particles, pcmod, pcmod2, phoenix-storms, phx3, picker, plugins, portalgun, prop resizer v2, pw, quantumstoreage device, quarry town, rd2, sampler, smartsnap, stacker stool, stridercontrole, toolbow v2, unbreakable, uteam, vehicle_collection, vmod, wire, wire model pack 1, youtube player. Total of 57 addons, list made in less 13 minutes.

None of those should conflict with DarkRP. IIRC. On the other hand, you have both the old phoenix-storms and the new phx3 -> remove the old phoenix-stroms. The same with pcmod, you have PCmod 2, why have the original?

Is the folder structure “garrysmod/gamemodes/DarkRP/gamemode/main.lua”?

Also, it looks like that UTeam could conflict with DarkRP, make sure that it is disabled when the gamemode is DarkRP.

Are you doing this in single player, or as a listen server?

put DarkRP in game mod and also “override game mod”

There’s no point of playing in single player, go online and join a server, or buy your own server from www.ukgame.co.uk, there very cheap. If you do, add me on steam: modegg. I’ll help you set it up

Ive seen your avatar some-were ever heard of crymod.

Please i need help! i just bought a server, i added DarkRP, it dosent work, and i cant ad myself to admin, and i cant use assmod beacuse i ant set myself as admin, please help! Please PM me or Mail me at hotmail : ogawa_oscar@hotmail.com

You shouldn’t be running a server if you don’t know how to.

1# Make your own thread!
2# If you really want help add me on steam: newaccount146

Don’t ask about the account username, I had an old account, I bought the games again due to a VAC ban :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The true answer would be to be more constructive and don’t come up with useless responses. I don’t play DarkRP myself but I don’t see any reason to insult the gamemode. It’s a matter of community, not script.

@OP: Have you seen any errors and are you using the correct version?