Dark Rp Garry's Mod Problem

So i recently decided to make an garrys mod dark rp server but the problem is if i put a Gun down it freezes lolwut? but the main problem i think it is it says in the chat log

Counter Strike: Source is incorrectly installed!
You need it for DarkRP to work!

Thank You For Your Time This server is very important to me I can’t fail on it Any suggestions im open to, to fix it again thanks

Do you have CSS correctly installed…?

Well I actually bought a while ago then I used srcds then command prompt installed the CSS downloads and stuff I put in like orange box but no luck and counter strike source on my steam is working fine

Write “HI Jack, I’m a Pie” or something on your profile (as a comment I guess) and send us the link to your Steam profile here. I’d just like to make sure that you got the needed content, as a lot of people just end up doing bad stuff to get the content.

I put a section about this in my tutorial:
http://rubidiumlabs.net/wiki/index.php?title=Garry's_Mod/Linux_server_setup (right at the bottom)

Move the cstrike folder in /css, into orangebox. Also, I always recommend you download in the following order:

Counter-Strike Source

It doesn’t matter in which order you download it.
cstrike just goes into garrysmod, done.

Thanks tosh for the great tutorial but problem is I got windows 7

Just install a counter-strike source server and then copy cstrike into /orangebox/ of your Garry’s Mod installation. Done.

I’d still quite like a link to your Steam profile with the message on to check if you actually have the content.

And why? Everyone can download the stuff via hldsupdatetool without an account…

Yea tried it same error sadly but thanks for trying. I did download it from srcds command prompt then put it in there also
EDIT so I was obviously that you were talking about the folder inside the CSS so I went in the and put it in the srcds with Garry’s mod and it worked so lots of thanks to you :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem, I’ll let you know if I find a fix.

Don’t you think they solved their problem?