Dark RP guns messed up

hey guys i got a majorish problem, on my new dedicated server that i just got running today, i installed Dark RP and whenever i get a gun like shotgun or sniper or whatever, it is farther down into the bottom right of the screen then usual and when i click the ironsight (right mouse button) button it doesnt move and after clicking it a few time or sometimes the first time, i can get it to shoot. i cannot shoot in any other way. not even when i first pull it out and it IF fully loaded and all. whoever solves this for me will get free admin.

Did you install CSS on your server? Do you have any addons in your own garrys mod folders that could be fucking with you?

First why did you make two threads? Why not just put this error in the other darkrp thread.

Second, install CSS. Your probably missin it.

Ok problem solved. Idk how though lol. I think i installed a diff version of DarkRP and I did already have CSS isntalled. Thanks anyway. lol