Dark RP Help

Hey guys Ive recently setup my Gmod Server and wanted to turn it into a Dark RP. But i have no idea what im doing. I know what to addon like ULX, Drugzmod, DarkRp Mod and other stuff. If someone could link me a simple guide or explain in detail what i need to do i will really appreciate it.

waht do you need help with? Setting up a server?


A General Server*

Yes. All the basics really. I think i can handle it from there

There you Go.

Hey, I did all that, but I don’t have the file Server.cfg.
Any idea why?

I got the same problem dude. No idea why either.

Are you running a hosting or renting a server? If your hosting it you have to make the server.cfg.

edit: sorry for bumping old thread didn’t look at the date :frowning: