Dark RP job issue

So if you’ve seen my last post it is obvious that I’m new to making a serve rof my own. I’m currently creating a starwarsrp server and am attempting to create jobs. So far I have doen everything successfully except for only one issue. If I disable every default Dark RP job and put in my custom job, I spawn ingame without any job and cannot access the f4 menu. I went back into the file where I disabled the default jobs and enabled the citizen job and restarted the server. When I got back in I was able to access the f4 menu with both the citizen job and my job included. If i disable the citizen default job again, I cannot access the f4 menu or my custom job. Does anyone know how to resolve this? If any additional information is required I will be happy to sen whatever is required in order to resolve this issue.

In darkrpmodification/darkrp_customthings/jobs.lua

On the bottom of the file there is a line that says something like “GAMEMODE.DefaultTeam”
You need to change that to whatever your custom job is called, since you have disabled the citizen job, which is the current default class.

As it turned out it seems your method worked! Thanks, friend!