Dark RP Keypad/Keypad Cracker[Deus Ex Hacking concept]

While playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I always pondered on a concept in regards too the ‘hacking’ system. This concept was a what if the hacking mechanism was added to the Dark RP/Other RP gamemodes keypad crackers in Gmod. Now granted… I hate the present keypads/keypad hacking mechanisms which are prominent in Dark RP, and several other RP gamemodes. They are very abuseable with fading doors, and are probably the cheapest example of progress-bar crap. A Deus Ex hacking system would change this. The keypad cracker would change for a hacking device which would basically put the player up against the keypads security. Once the Keypad is hacked it fries, and has to be repaired and whatever the button was configured too will automatically become nil’ed [Fading Door Abuse? Lolnope.] If the hack fails, and the computer wins… The owner of the keypad is warned about the hack attempt and the player is automatically wanted by the police.

I’m unsure of how possible a system like this would be, but it would be a massive improvement over present systems. If it could also incorporate it’s own fading door/wire system it would be a massive plus.

Video for anyone who hasn’t played Deus Ex.

Deus Ex looks fucking amazing.
But I probably wouldn’t be able to code anything like this.
Meh, Ask someone like TOMASAS or something.

Tazy why would you even fucking post to tell him you can’t code something (we all knew anyways)? Anyways this will take a lot of work, if you want this you will need to be offering some serious cash money, it will take a lot of screen drawing and logic, I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

Yeah… I was only posting it here to see if any lua coders had any form of interest in a concept like this.

Lots of gui’s would take long to download.

That’s not true, this would be a 5 second download. The only issue is that the logic behind this would be way too complex to make without being paid. You are gonna need to offer some cash, or buy a lua coder from the lua coder for hire thread.

I would make this for you (it seems really easy to make) but I have no idea how this hacking system works. It’s so confusing to me.

The idea is that your attempting to lock out/‘take over’ components which can give a security warning to the main frame of the Keypad/Computer. When hacking it your attempting to take as much nodes/early warning systems over as possible in order too stop any knowledge of a break in or to prevent a lockdown of the entire system.

Simply put, When you start hacking objects with different security ratings, the chance of a trace to start. Also, some objects can slow down the trace, open new files for you, or reward you.
Here’s some in-def stuff.