Dark RP Models

I am working on a Dark RP server, and when making custom classes I came across the idea about using one of the red combine soldiers (not the elite combine). It is a different skin for the normal combine soldier model. Is there anyway I could create a class with the red combine soldier model? What would I put for the model location?

Was wondering this myself, it use to be that you could put the models in an addon and specify where from there, now with the new format I have been left clueless and quite possibly brain dead. Any help?

Go into garrys mod and find the model from the Q menu. Then when you find it, right click it and press copy to clipboard. Then you will have the model directory for darkrp, and then you can make a class with that.

Thank you so much!

(this is the same guy from a different account) Thanks, I know how to get the file location of the general model, but I want to know how to change the skin on them. Say for an example the combine soldier. Sometimes you see him with a more red uniform on (not elite combine). I went into source SDK and found there was a selection for a different skin for the model but how do I get my player class for dark rp to have that model? It would be models/Combine_Soldier.mdl but how do I have it have skin 2( the red combine soldier skin)?

Okay, you’re talking about the shotgun variant. You may have to look in the GCF of episode 2, or look in the workshop for a standalone version.

Ok, thanks

It is an option on the model when I open in in source sdk (I believe source sdk looks through the gcf). There is skin 1 which is the normal combine soldier and skin 2 which is the red “shotgun variant”. I am wondering what location I would put in the lua file for the class.

I know what you’re talking about. Both of the locations are the same. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to make it use skin 2 either.