Dark RP modification modules not working

So on my server I wanted to add the HUD v4, Car Dealer and F4 menu all from TCB none of them work for some reason but here is what I have in my modules folder

Have you tried doing something completely crazy, such as contacting the developer/s of HUD v4, Car Dealer, and F4 menu? I know it’s a long shot, but it might just be possible that the person who made these addons can tell you why they aren’t working better than a bunch of people on a forum that mostly dislike DarkRP.

You don’t upload the files in the modules folder.

Put them in addons and it will work.

No support offered.

No, they’re all DarkRP modules.

OP, assuming you followed the installation instructions correctly, are there any script errors?

Also, have you happened to already have done this? I don’t think it’s related if all three (including the car dealer) aren’t working, but it’s worth a shot for the hud, same for the f4.

Thanks for your unhelpful support. Nice to know we are living in a world were people waste their time with unhelpful replies

I am keeping them in Modules as the tutorial said

I have followed the instructions no script erros
I will try your suggestions thanks for the helpful and insightful reply.
Thank you for your time and sorry for the late reply

Yeah, fair one.

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Don’t be offended. The guy seems to go around the entire help forum posting pointless replies. I imagine that he’s pretty bored.