Dark RP PurpleBlack F4 Menu

First off apologies if this is in the wrong section, I simply don’t know where to put this anymore.

Now to the problem, I’m trying to get my Dark RP server to work and this is really getting on my nerves:


It’s there every time i join my server and press F4, I’ve spend 2 days trying to resolve this but without success, as far as i know however the source of the issue is darkrp/content/materials/darkrp/DarkRPSkin.png.

These are the menu textures which don’t function for some odd reason and obviously causing the all the Purple/Black stuff to appear instead, my personal assumption would be that they don’t download correctly if not at all.

Additional information:

-DarkRP Version: 2.4.3

-No other addons/mods installed other than DarkRP, no addons/mods related to DarkRP either.

-99.99% sure everything is installed correctly.

-Server has FastDL

Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated, and big thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


If that’s not in the DarkRP gamemode.

Second thing that may be the issue, what host are you with? Some hosts require you to move the models, materials, maps, etc. on to the FastDL server, instead of it automatically doing it for you.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the quick reply, And I understand there’s supposed to be a resource.lua file in gamemodes/darkrp then? I’ve done something like this before i think.

I’m using Vilayer as my host, i believe they do have a fastDL system doing that automaticly.

I could be wrong saying this, but move the Materials outside of the content folder, and to the base Material folder.

Didn’t work, everything is still Purple/black, Thanks anyway though.

But about the resource code you mentioned, where am i supposed to put it?

First of all this issue is pretty sure caused through a wrong setup of FastDL (I guess you don’t have DarkRP in your local gamemodes folder right ?)
If you really need a fix fast then just join another DarkRP Server so you can download the missing files. Then you should be able to see it again.

But you should consider checking if this issue is also happening for other players that join your server.
You should ask your server host if they support Automatically FastDL so it (guess what) …automatically adds the files.

My first thought of what could cause that issue would be the foldername of darkrp.
Please post the content of the DarkRP.txt which is in the main folder. (checking if its correct)
Afaik for some people this issue appeared because the foldername was lowercased “darkrp” and after changing it to “DarkRP” it worked for them.

Really strange because I tested both ways and both of them worked.
Anyhow you should consider updating DarkRP via SVN again as some changes were made in the past few hours. He actually added a damn mute button now…finally.

Don’t mess with the resource things, just put the materials/models from darkrp and move them to garrysmod. Sync the FastDL and restart tthe server

The issue has been resolved, Thank you everyone.

Well how did you solve it?

Oooooh, I really ████ing hate it when people do that.

This is an old thread, but if you came in here looking for a solution, here’s what you need to do to ensure this works (I’ve had this issue before myself).

First and foremost, make sure the materials/darkrp/DarkRPskin.png file is located both inside the “gamemodes/darkrp/content”… folder AND your base “garrysmod/materials folder.”

Then, make sure you have the file listed in your resource.addfile lua. This was detailed in an older post.

After that, make sure the file is correctly mirrored on your FastDL, if you have one. It should end up in your FastDL’s “materials/darkrp” folder if memory serves me right.

Finally - and this is the one I haven’t seen here - open up the DarkRPskins.png file and make sure it looks right. PNG files can become corrupt, only partially download, etc. This is what happened to me. If the image cuts out at any spot, it will break the whole menu. This is an often overlooked easy fix: all you have to do is download one that isn’t cut off/corrupted, and then tell anybody on your server experiencing the problem to delete their “download/materials/darkrp” folder so they are forced to download a new one.

This issue is caused by an incorrect or missing version of that skin file being given to those joining your server. If you do all these things correctly, it should work (if it does not, you probably did one of the above things wrong without knowing it)

Sorry to post in an old thread, just hoping this helps anyone who comes here looking for an answer, seeing as the OP didn’t post how he fixed it.