Dark RP Question.


I recently started a server, and are having some problems, that i could use some help with. They seem really basic, but i can’t find them on Google. (And i can’t use the search engine here somehow?)

Anyways does anyone know howto do this? Please follow up with a little guidance, i’m pretty much new to the whole Dark RP editing :slight_smile:

*How do i make a job *(Fx) *Cops, require an minimum playtime of (Fx) 2 hours?
*How would i be able to change the color of the hud, for anybody joining the server? And what variables in the (Maby lua file?) should i edit?

Thanks in advance!


Running the newest version of Dark RP.

For the first one, I have no idea, there is maybe an argument you can supply in the create job function as a function that returns whether or not a user can have such a job.

For the second one, you would open the DarkRP/Gamemode/Client/Hud.lua file, and it’s normally near the top.

Okay thanks! I hope someone knows about the job timer. :slight_smile: