dark rp question

a server i go on has a supporter rank that if you are a supporter it lets you see other jobs and become them. bit like selecting admin or super admin only jobs. How is this done?

Regards Adamski0811

Oh sorry, I thought you were talking about being able to join a job only if your on another job first.

That is only for admin/superadmin, I am sure. He basically wants a DarkRP Donation system that allowd Donators/VIP to have access to more things.

yes that what i need haha i know about the admin/superadmin but i would like to know about the VIP as you said.

Add me on steam, don’t feel like typing it here.

I could sell you a VIP job system for £5? Add me on steam or pm me for more info.

It would take any intermediate Lua programmer 15 minutes to make

Well, no one else is making it for him so I may as well offer.