Dark RP ( Questions & CFG's & Commands ) Need Help

Okay I just got a server…
Here are my following questions:
How can I take some tools off?
I cant Jump while I am running why?
Is there any puglin so people cant prop kill?

Also people can just spawn a weapons from the menu of weapons and use them soooo yea
its like a DM server

the Mod its installed here are some of the commands I am running :
rp_gunlab_price 1000
rp_paydaytime 500
rp_setmoney 500
rp_maxgunlab 1
rp_maxmicrowave 1
rp_maxmoney_printer 300
Rp_maxmoney_printer 300
rp_jailtimer 200
rp_voiceradius 1
rp_advertisements 1
rp_ironshoot 1
rp_earthquakes 0
rp_doorwarrants 1
rp_license 0
rp_babygod 1
rp_toolgun 1
rp_needwantedforarrest to 0
rp_adminsspawnwithcopweapons 1
rp_runspeed 240
rp_customjobs 1
rp_allowrpnames 0
rp_ironshoot 0
rp_restrictbuypistol 1

If you own a server and its good and running please let me know the commands you have or Plugins please

Ok, take off adminsspawnwithcopweapons, it makes admins abuse it more, put on allow rp names… idk why you have it off… take off tool gun, and put it in a shipment form…

This is mostly common sense, I don’t own a server but it’s pretty simple to figure it out.
If you need help, add me on Steam - tomeron2
I would be happy to join your server and help you set the commands.


Okay I dont want to enable rp names because people RDM and change names most of the times… and tool gun its fine

Do you any commands to take of some weapons

First, Rename Dark RP to “Dark” As it is no way in relevance to roleplay what so ever. Next, Remove all the classes except citizen,Cop,Mayor and a merchant of some sort. There is your good roleplay, Besides the fact that it was made by FTPJe/FPTJe, (Who is a huge spammer and roleplay mingebag, Seriously. Watch his youtube video’s.)

Now, For your spelling. first off, you typed

“HERE ARE SOME COMMANDS THE I EDIT MY SELF” Learn to use correct grammar. also…

“the Mod its installed here are some of the commands I am running” What the fuck. You installed the mod and you run the commands?!?!?!? No Way!

1,3 Yes, it’s in the FPP Menu (Utilities I think)
2,4 Are you using the latest revision?


Renaming the gamemode folder will break FPP and anything in the modules folder. If you don’t care for those, just delete those folders, and download FPP as an addon if you wish to use it.

Those do make great base classes, I don’t see why people add so many jobs. The ability is there, but that doesn’t mean people have to abuse it.

As for Falco being a “spammer”, that was done with friends of his on his Prop DM gamemode, Poki. He doesn’t use it in roleplay (except for self defense).


You could make it so that people have to buy the tool gun, which represents efforts to roleplay in a correct manner.

Oh i know they do it for fun and not mingebag about like real mingebags, i was just saying a random point of product. Also, I 100% agree, /why/ do people add so many classes? Just add more opportunities for roleplay with items and other functions homemade.

Exactly, the script provides the foundation, it’s up to the roleplayers to make the fun themselves. All you really need is the average citizen, someone to keep the peace, and someone that sells goods. Roleplaying like this will keep mingebags board while keeping the people who really want to roleplay entertained. Win/Win it seams like.


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I’ll help you with anything you want.