Dark RP Questions

So I am starting up a DarkRP 2.4.2 server.
Now, before you start hating no DarkRP, I, in my own honest opinion, feel that Dark RP is mostly ruined by the people that play it.

I very much enjoy playing DarkRP so I am starting a dedicated server on my laptop (Not the one I play gmod on)(Running Ubuntu) and I have a couple questions that hopefully the smart brains at FacePunch can help with.

1: When my server is started and I join, everything is in sort of a “Fast Forward” Mode. This was happening in Sandbox, before I even added DarkRP, so I am not sure what the cause it.
2: How can I set admin’s in DarkRP. I saw that I need to go into admins.lua but I don’t have that, thus I would believe it was in a previous version.

Thanks in advance.

You need an administration mod such as ULX or Exsto.

I figured that, Ill go get Exsto most likely. Will this fix the speed problem as well?

No idea what the speed problem is.

What do you mean “Fast Forward” mode?

For example, when I set up my dedi for Sandbox, I would join, and everything seemed very glitchy at first. I was running around the physgun was out of sync and then I tried to switch out weapons.

I would hit, say the button 2, the menu to switch wepaons would come up and disappear much quicker then normal.

When I finally got a weapon out (The Shotgun) I held the left click and it fired the entire clip in 1-2 seconds. Also the reload is abnormally fast.

I tested it on many weapons, it happens to all of them but in single player it is fine.

Thats because you have a bad PC/connection. Rent a server.

That’s weird, I have hosted CSS/many other game server’s before with no problems…

Would it make any difference if I was able to get it working on Windows and not Ubuntu?

Not sure, but Windows is always best for GMod. A lot of plugins tend to get derpyhooves when ran on Linux type OS’s.

Well I guess I will give it another go at hosting on Windows then.

Thanks for the help everybody, Just got everything installed on Windows and now it is working perfectly. No lag or anything. Thanks again!