Dark RP server problem

alright so im trying to make a dark rp server

the server works good and the jobs also work, but i only used it in GM_Construct with a friend to just test if everything works

so i changed the map to a offical roleplaying map, i changed in the start.bat file the map and i added the map to Garrymod/maps
but when i start the server up and i try to join it with connect <my IP> it says MISSING MAP <the map name>

so what do i need to do/change to make it work so that people automaticly download the map when they join

You either have to send it to the client using FastDL or WorkshopDL.

okay i will check it out

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damn i cant get it to work

em alright lets say i want this map http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=131971
as my server map how do i make it that people automaticly download it and not that they get the missing map error

Read the FastDL tutorial I linked. You must have a webhost to do this.