Dark RP Spawnable Entity Lava Lamp JOB, 75 - 100 dollars

Hello, I need someone to make me a lava lamp, with customizable colors. I will even pay extra if you can configure the speed of the flow of the wax/lava. I need the player to be able to spawn it out of an entity list, and turn it on/off with press of E on the model, no button on it. I need a realistic lava HD flow and nice base and cap. I am paying 75-100 dollars via Paypal, more money if the job is done right. I need this done within at most a week and a bonus will come your way if it is done tonight or tomorrow. *** I will have permission to sell this in ScriptFodder if I please but of course I will give you credit and maybe even split profits or give you a percentage. *** TIA.

Firstly, didn’t you already make a thread?

Secondly, you’re asking for someone to make you a complex model with built-in simulation and controllers that you can then turn and sell to profit from despite only requesting it?

Putting DarkRP in the thread title pretty much eliminates the chances of anyone putting time into this :v: