DARK RP - Weapons


i own a fairly small garrys mod dark rp server. i love it, the players are kind, and all-around good laugh. i currently have a gun dealer, which sells madcows weapons. i also have another gun dealer called “donator gun dealer” by donating the players get access to this. now i have tried donator weapons before, but it never worked out, either they were glitchy or i just didnt like. i know how to add in custom shipments and what have you but i just cant get a good pack ! i need one like m9k, but one that you can customize for my donor dealer !

any help appreciated ,

thank you.

kind regards, connor

Just use mad cows but limit what they sell. Like donator dealer can sell RPGs for example…
If not, when I had my community I liked the idea or the "light
" gun dealer to sell every weapon but as singles, not shipments. Then the “heavy/donator” dealer sells the same, but with shipments added.