Dark Rp

I have a problem, whenever i got on dark rp servers i cannot see my wallet amount, salary or job and i cannot see who i am talking to, i may think this was the gmod update but i do not know, any hinters anyone?

Weird… I though it was only me…

Huh so its you to? I think it was the update, will have to wait

Same issue here, hope to see a fix =P

The chance that DarkRP is getting a fix is equal to Fallout RP to be revived.

I found a fix go into addons and remove the newly added folder, it was the new guys swep addon thats messing it up remove the folder that begins with f, sorry dont know full name but that should fix it

Was the folder’s name Framenet? I’ve seen this folder addressed a few different times with people having the exact same problem.

To everyone having this problem, try the fix and see if it’ll work out.

Framenet, oh you silly addon.
Don’t worry framenet causes almost most errors in Garrysmod to do with gamemodes not working properly.
If you delete framenet and problem still occurs, get the SVN version of DarkRP

I hate dark rp my suggestion is to atleast play on ventmob then get into serious rp.