Dark Samus (MP3:C Version)

Hello I Bring You A Sneak Preview Of Dark Samus From Metroid Prime 3 , I Wanted To Have Ago At Porting And Come Up With This To Rig.

Credits: Medrop (Ripping)
Nintendo (Metroid)
Retro Studios (Prime)

This Is Not Finished What So Ever, Got To Finish Doing The Constraints And Resizing But Will Be Here Soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Jesus christ it’s bright.

Yeah I Need To Tone Down The Phong, And Spec Map :stuck_out_tongue:

I Just Put It In To Get It Done Quickly As This Was My First Rig (Kudos To Mariokart64n’s Tutorial)

Dudee…if you finish this it’s gonna be my first NPC tht isn’t a piece of crap.

Looks nice ^^

Well Its Going Good For Ragdoll , But I May Have To Splice Her Hand Over To The Other Side To Get It Working As Alyx, Rebel, L4D Stuff (Which Ever Rig Is Easiest)

Why Are You Speaking Like This You Do Realise Capitals On The Front Of Each Word Is Very Annoying.

Please , only use capitals when needed. Apart from that , nice rig

Looks good, though the texture looks like it could use some work.

lillwasa hasn’t released his version YET.
I love this, so I wil be expecting a release this time. Dark Samus is awesome.

Too many good models in waiting right now…
MNU stuff… Prawns, Arkham Asylum stuff, THIS, more Crysis stuff…
Good Lord it’s gonna be a downloading orgasm when all of it comes out.

AWESOME, keep up the good work!. Im looking foward to its release

cool, but I thought Dark Samus didn’t have power boots? She had clawed feet or something?

wow, its been a while since i have seen this model…

that was metroid prime 2

And the Glorious Medrop shows up. This can only bode well.

So far the models come along good, just smoothed it out a bit, also attempting to get a npc version though its very hard as 3ds max is a pain in the but cause theres so many vertices, faces in the way of the bones, but if i hide the mesh i lose the guide for the bones lol.

also im trying to darken the textures to match those of the actual game, not being super shiny :smiley:

Done the textures, i think this closely resembles the orignal (I suck at getting it right XD), also fixed the size and made it to around alyx’s size.

nice one can’t wait an you kno who i am

also how do you make models??

AWESOME. Can’t wait for it’s/her release.
She looks really badass.
Also, does it have bumpmaps?

no. or at least when it ripped it didnt. or maybe it was in the dds along with the texture… hmm… if it did have bump maps, they werent showing.

Hmm the one i used only used two textures, which were visor2, body textures.

Ive made a normal map and will get onto doing a bump map.

Source uses normal maps, and not bump maps.

Besides, they are virtually the same thing, only one is in black and white.