[Dark-Side Films] Meeting SWEP

Well First off, I do NOT want this public. As in I want only are Steam Group to Own this SWEP.

So if you would like to Make this Mod Please Join Dark-Side Films Steam Group and Me as a friend (Srg. Pancake)


Info -

Well Me and the other admin would like a Meeting SWEP for are… Meetings. This Should be a window that can pop up that can do the following things…

-Mute all players (Including Admins if your a SuperAdmin)
-Make Players Sit Down.
-Make player Stuck ( Can’t move)
-Play Background Music
-Kill players
-Turn off Msging
-Show all Admins

If any of these things are Impossible Just tell me. We will put advertise you if you like on are servers and movies.

We would all very much enjoy this and Please Steam PM me and Join the Group.

You can do all this with an admin mod. Such as ulx, or evolve.