Dark Souls 2 Old Dragon Slayer/Ornstein model pack.

Old Dragon Slayer/Ornstein models from ©Dark Souls 1/2.

Models Included.

.Old Dragon Slayer
Ornstein’s skin group

.Old Dragon Slayer Spear
Dragon Slayer Spear skin group

Works with rig_biped_simple IK rig.

Workshop Link


©From Software, ©Namco Bandai Games For Models/Textures

Hotfuzznarp: Model ripping and rigging

Skyscream Sam: Texturing and promo picture

NikouT: Texturing

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fucking good job man words cannot possibly describe…

Now for Gmod.

Solaire only wishes he could be so grossly incandescent. Ornstein doesn’t even have to try. :v:

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