[Dark Souls II] Drakeblood Knight


A few weeks ago a gentleman directly teased me with something I’ve been wanting for months: a potential Skyrim conversion of the Drakeblood Knight armor from Dark Souls II. However, he hasn’t followed up on this, and I’m unsure on if it will ever come to fruition.

If someone could tell me how to extract models from Dark Souls II, or extract these models in specific yourself, I’d be most grateful. I don’t know how to weightmap or skeleton rig them, but I’ll be more than eager to learn once I have my hands on the materials.

Thank you kindly.

It is under progress. I am trying to finish stuff from Dark Souls 1 before releasing stuff from 2.
I also did some other stuff such as Faraam set, Manikin set and Alva set is another WIP.


excuse how did you take those models? I would take other models of dark soul 2

What mod site are you uploading those Skyrim ports too? if any.

Ninja Ripper. Havoked meshes need straightening out by hand, unfortunately.

At the moment most of my mods are at LL, although I’m considering to switch sites.
Nexus is not an option (since they don’t allow copyrighted contents) and I loathe Steam Workshop for Skyrim.

awesome. I’ll check it out

Oh hey XiNny. I know the situation, believe me, I’ve been following it like a hawk. It’s just I’m really hyped up about it. You know, that feeling when a DLC is about to come out for a game, and you don’t want to progress too far or else you’ll squander it? Dunno, maybe I’m crazy.

I have Advanced Warfare and Master Chief Collection to bide my time, as well as New Vegas. And Sunset Overdrive, which is free for tomorrow.

Keep up the good work… just don’t take too long, or I’ll go mad and do something horrible, like try and do it myself…