DARK SOULS II Model Release Thread

Ruin Sentinel model and weapons


Workshop Link

Models Included.

.Ruin Sentinel model

.Ruin Sentinel Hammer and shield

Works with rig_biped_simple IK rig.

Old Knight model and weapons.


Models Included.

.Old Knight model

.Old Knight Shield

.Old Knight Sword

.Old Knight Ultra Greatsword

.Old Knight Great Hammer

Works with rig_biped_simple IK rig.

Workshop Link

Smelter Demon model and weapon.


Models Included.

.Smelter Demon

.Smelter Demon Sword

Works with rig_biped_simple IK rig.

Workshop link.

Old Dragon Slayer/Ornstein model and weapon


Models Included.

.Old Dragon Slayer
Ornstein’s skin group

.Old Dragon Slayer Spear
Dragon Slayer Spear skin group

Works with rig_biped_simple IK rig.

Workshop Link

Gmod Workshop Link

The Last Giant model


Models included.

.The Last Giant

(has body groups for arm, cuffs and shrapnel)

.The Last Giant’s arm

Workshop Link

Looking Glass Knight and Thorned Great Sword


Workshop Link

Sir Alonne/ weapon model from ©Dark Souls II

[T]http://i.imgur.com/dCfLMhQ.jpg[/T] [T]http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/294/c/f/alonne_by_blueflytrap998-d83q1uq.gif


Hotfuzznarp: rigging, model ripping

Skyscream Sam: texturing and shading

NikouT: texturing, shading and porting to gmod.

BlueFlytrap: Texture modification, custom cubemap, turntable.

ruin sentinels are one of the coolest knights, elegant and tall as fuck.

oh baby

For those you don’t know (or plan on doing something with Dark Souls), Hellfire Drake has put up a video on where you could get the content from the game on their file appearances. Others might already know this, but it should provide some insight.

2:31 smough unmasked?

Probably going to be in DLC at some point.

not in DS1 its not

I’m pretty sure they were referring to Dark Souls II when they made that post, not Dark Souls.

we’ve known this about Dark Souls for a long while, actually. But we’re not going to do that ball and chain wielding giant because for one, it’s lacking quite a few things that would make it necessary to have to make that, including the proper textures and so on.

And we’ve got something coming up here we’ll start working on here! Look forward to it, yeah?

My thought with the video was that DSII could work in a similar file order as the first one had. If that was the case, then the video could be useful for mods or extractions. But since now every modder and their mother knows about DSII, I feel that this might not help at all. :frowning:

I may not be a good modder/complier now, but I’m keen to finding things that many people haven’t found yet.( Like that Revenge of The Fallen Megan Fox model from the movie game :v:)

once more, we realize this. Dark Souls II is incompatible with the ripping method Dark Souls I has, however, and we have to resort to Ninja Ripper. So until we get some tool that would help us out, this information is unfortunately not very useful, I’m sorry.

Thanks for being sincere. Times like this that I wish that some of my info wasn’t some weeks/months late.

The Last Giant model is now up for download check the first post for links.

excuse me there is someone who can convert the model of the imperious warrior? one armed with two shields!

I had a strange idea when RPing as a Templar in DSII; why not release individual armors based on their sets and their part of the lore? For example, as a Templar, I had the Heide Knight armor with the Greathelm and the Insolent set on the side. Why not have the Insolent set and the Heide set( Male and Female versions with weapons if possible) ported as whole models to show their importance in the lore or to see Dark Souls Templars in massive armies taking on the monsters that inhabit the DS world?


This could take a very long time to get ALL of the armor sets from Dark Souls II and everything.

However, there’s a way we can make it so you can make your own character via the customization method that was used with Geralt of Rivia where we essentially take a certain part of the set, like the chest, and have that be there and have all of the models share a common skeleton, thus allowing the models to be built. Again, however, this will take a good while, so don’t get too excited, we don’t have any other method of getting the models aside from Ninja Ripper.

Yeah and rigging by scratch is a pain in the ass.

I pretty much had the Insolent and Heide set in mind at the time for the idea and not all the armor models. I do see what you mean about it being a pain in the ass with Ninja Ripper. Guess there’s no other easy way to it.

Oh mai satan, the giant…are so GIANT, nice ragdolls for SFM, nicessssssssssssss

What UV coord are you using on the import to 3ds max ?