Dark Souls

Someone needed to say it. We NEED Dark Souls models. Mostly the bosses and Solaire, but mobs and weapons would be fine, too.

There have been a few Dark Souls threads lying around the forum, but I don’t really know if Dark Souls ports are possible or if some people just don’t have the time. Your welcome to find those people.

I agree. We really need Dark Souls models for Gmod. I’d really like to see the elite armour set!

I’ve posted this before, you can get the models. They probably have to be rigged though

Then we just need someone to rig them…

The only thing of use to non-programmers in that thread is the Noesis script, and that ports nothing but the mesh, which needs to be rerigged and re-uv’d. Basically, useless to everyone but total masochists with too much free time.

In other words, don’t hold your breath for models anytime soon.

I tried that thread and it sucks a lot. It gave me very little models, some not textured (most cool bosses) and some models didn’t extracted at all(filesize 1KB or normal but Noesis cannot recognize them)
So maybe somebody could try to look after that game, but different method