Dark Stuff Clan 24/7 Multi Server

Hello there fellow Gmodders. :buddy:

The Dark Stuff clan is looking for new members interested in serious RP.
The thing different about Dark Stuff is that we use no scripted gamemodes. We play sandbox with a set of said or written rules, and the game is then modified by a respected and competent game master. This makes the games nice and flexible. The only rp addon we’re using is the Inventory Addon.

We often play post apocalyptic, fallout-like rps, or set our own plots and worlds.
We also shoot machinimas (we’re in the middle of a project right now).

So if you feel like joining, go to


and post an application, or go to


and contact an admin.

Everyone is welcome as far as you’re a nice, intelligent person. No douchebaggery accepted.

We also play normal sandbox. It all depends on the Voice of the Clan. You.



You sir win the internets, Also i want to check this out later.


Please add me on steam nik6069 I have lots of ideas ect and I would like to be a GameMaster

Good luck with this, might want to password it though as DarkRPers will flood in and say “lul wht da fck dis isnt rolllllplay dis sandbox l2server nub1!!1111”


On a more important note, When exactly will you guys be on?

Well, we usually gather together in the evenings (European time). But that’s not a problem during weekends of course ; )

Ill stop by next time I see people on.

You could always just join the clan ; )
Makes the contact easier and all. We’ve just performed a little cleanout of the inactive players, so we need fresh souls. …Players I mean.


I have now added an inventory system to the server, set items, and added a money module that will HOPEFULLY work. ; )

yeah, That would be nice. But if we do that it also stops the casual nice players from dropping in.

Fixed the server’s stability :slight_smile:
Come on guys, join the clan, register on the forums, play with us when we’re on.