Dark Stuff Clan Server

We are Dark Stuff. That’s obviously not saying much so let’s go into a bit of detail. We enjoy all types of Garrysmod gametypes although we focus on a custom CakeScript RP scheme- Post apocalyptic RP. We are currently looking for nice, friendly members who will play on the server on a regular basis and be active on our forums.Our server is completly customized and designed around players’ suggestions and we constantly update both it and our gamemodes with suggestions form our members.

So what gametypes do you play then?
[ul]Well as mentioned we play a serious CakeScript RP that we are constantly editing and updating with suggestions from the clan members. More information on it can be found here. Apart from that we play Spacebuild, sandbox and we are even working on our own RTS game built entirely in Gmod by the members of our clan. If we get members asking for a certain gamemode we try our hardest to give it a try.[/ul]

Ok, we know what you play but why should I join?
[ul]Well, apart from a dedicated group of admins and friendly players we are always looking to provide the best service we can to all who join and play on the server. The atmosphere is nice and there’s always someone to talk to.[/ul]

I think I might join. Where do I go from here?
[ul]Add me or any other admin (Darkwind- the owner, or Raelu) on Steam and let us know you are looking to join us and we will tell you what to do from there. Alternatively you can join our forums and write an application, although it would probably be easier to go with the first option.*

*Steam ID’s are: [DS] Beefie, [DS] Darkwind, Raelu [DS]. Links will be at the bottom.[/ul]

I don’t feel like joining the clan but I’l enjoy the server…
[ul]The server isn’t exclusively for the clan; anyone can join and play with us. It is occasionally password locked but message [DS] Darkwind and he will let you know the password.[/ul]

Links and Technical stuff
[ul]Darkstuff Clan Forum
Darkstuff Steam Profile
Server Info:

Rocking out in Gmod
We’re all friends, even if he just hit me…
Spacebuild is childsplay, giant cannon childsplay…
It’s so pretty…

Looks good, I like the logo.

I think you’ll get more attention if you post some screenshots though, just a suggestion.

Other than that there is not really much more I can say, It’s nice to see yet another community join the midst!

Good luck and god speed!

Thanks one of my friends made it for us. And also good idea I’ll add some in now.

Looks much better, but please encase the last picture in img_thumb tags instead of standard img tags; since it breaks the page. :slight_smile:

Hello people, where are the crowds? Thanks for the suggestions, Myrrdin.
I’m Darkwind, the owner of the DS clan, and we want YOU, reader, to join! So go go go to our forums or add us on Steam as the op says.

We’ve updated the server, we’re running darkRP untill they bring out a fix for cake-script