Dark Terrain Even in Daytime

This was taken at noon in the game. As you can see the background trees are lit up but the terrain is very dark and unplayable.
Does anyone know how to fix this problem? It’s very game-ruining for me.

It’s not noon according to the sun… but that aside:
The second screenshot looks pretty normal, not sure what the problem is there.
I’ve always noticed that trees off in the distance appear lighter than they really are, not sure what that’s all about.
Basic maintenance is always a good call for this stuff, update your gfx drivers, change graphics settings at game launch.

The second picture I uploaded a bit later and that one isnt noon, yes. But still, I’ve seen videos of Rust and all of them have a nice lit up terrain. Everything I have is updated and its still super dark in the middle of the day.

i mean, look at the difference!

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