Dark theme color balancing and expandable tabs suggestions

Greetings! Really appreciate the ressurection of these forums and got a couple of suggestions.

  1. Dark theme color balancing suggestion

I think that the default dark theme needs some color balancing as right now the two main colors are just too much in contrast with each other in my opinion. Red is too bright and too distracting from the dark color that contains most of the information on the screen.

This is the default dark theme right now

And how the light theme works with Opera GX default dark theme

(wanted to post 2 embeds but new users can only post 1)

Might be a minor issue, but these colors are kinda distracting and bothersome for the eyes, as they always want to focus on the top red bar instead of the middle of the screen if you know what I’m saying.
Opera’s dark theme on the other hand converts the colors rather well, and nothing distracts my from the most of the information in the middle.

  1. Expandable tabs inside the message

Then there’s a minor suggestion to include tags that would allow me to hide text, images etc under the tabs, like [spoiler][/spoiler] tags allow to store text in the expandable tab on most of the other forums, instead of just blurring the information inside them as of right now. Maybe include separate tags for this task?

I believe it’s a must for a forum like this, because such functionality benefits when trying to make a huge post containing a lot of information, and also helps with keeping threads from clutter. Was looking for this to hide the pictures above, for example, but the most I could do is decrease their size (I apologize if there’s already a way to do that and I couldn’t find it).

@garry’s has recently been tweaking the light theme to get it right, I think he’s just overlooked the fact that dark theme is a thing.

Do you mean like this?

These dropdowns are available in the editor under the small cog icon (intuitive, i know…) And there’s a tutorial about it if you message @discobot for the ‘advanced’ tutorial

Have a large image for size!

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