Dark zero suit samus ragdoll and a male ragdoll

Due to wrong forum post,i had to move my thread somewhere here so:I am a big fan of brawl and was gobsmacked when i heard dark samus got in.I searched Garrysmod.org and found NOTHING other than normal samus and black widow samus. (kinda hot ;D)If anyone could make a dark zero suit samus for me,i’d be eternally grateful.If you say you’ll do it and dont…I’LL BITE YOUR LEGS OFF!!!

(contains contents from Monty python and the holy grail O_O)

Please Post -- even if you cant find one,just find me a place where she’d be good for rendering/posing (E.G GM[insert place here].zip)(also has to be a house with a bedroom for rendering)

also,i need a male ragdoll,someone with big muscles etc etc,from DOA if possible…and make sure i dont have to own a retail copy of DOA T_T
Thanks guys!