DarkDrive PhaseFour Revived!

After a month of being down due to jealously fueled DDOS attacks the DarkDrive PhaseFour server is back! We are suffering a little population problem (We have about 12 players on average now) and we are looking for new people to come and play!

For those you don’t know we have been around for a few months now. We have friendly admins, a welcoming community and constant updates!

The community and gamemode contains…

  • Several balance updates to the original weaponry.

  • Extra suits and weapons as voted on by our community.

  • Friendly community

  • Responsible and Friendly admins!

Come pay us a visit at!

Any website?


Not much activity on the forums at the moment. We just started back up :slight_smile:

The website looks cool. Only problem I can see is most of your members are constantly using meme’s. So maybe next time, but I might check it out later.

Haa. Cool Cool :slight_smile: