DarkDrive web hosting

[RELEASE][h2]Dark Drive Hosting[/h2][/RELEASE]

Hi. My name is Adam Ayriss (SL1CHAOS) and I come representing a web hosting company called DarkDrive hosting.

Me and my colleague have had previous experience in the past running a source game community and we know how precious time can be when setting up. With DarkDrive hosting we offer several cheap high quality packages and expert support that can help you set up a web prescense for your community with the least amount of hassle possible. [/RELEASE]

[RELEASE][h2]Packages and Pricing[/h2][/RELEASE]

[RELEASE]•Personal - £2.50
•Small Community - £4.00
•Unlimited - £5.00

We currently have an offer, all .co.uk and .com domains will be absolutley free. We will cover the cost.

I would also like to offer 1 months free hosting. No cost at all.

Only two people can have this deal!
It is so that you can try us and hopefully be impressed with the service we provide.[/RELEASE]


[RELEASE]If you are interested in 1 months free web hosting please contact us on the live chat on our site.

Server specifications

4x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU L5410 @ 2.33GHz
8GB Ram
2x1TB 15,000RPM SCSI HDD
100MBIT Port
CENTOS with apache.


[RELEASE][h2]Our Website:[/h2][/RELEASE]


Thank Steven :smiley: for redesigning the OP

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Who the fuck is going to pay for a shit webhost when they can get a free shit webhost?
You’re just a fucking money grubbing jew.

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All the customers we have had have given us good reviews. I will admit our web hosting software isn’t perfect. That is because we had some issues with WHMCS and we are using this temporarily until we get client exec. Our service is at a good standard. How do you know our webhost is “shit” without even trying it?

That’s why we would like to offer some people a free month with a .co.uk or .com domain.

Good job being an asshole.

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You might want to clean the OP up a bit.

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Also the site needs a new look.

But good luck I hope the business goes well.

Thanks for the constructive feedback. I do agree, we will be getting a client exec or WHMCS. We previously had WHMCS but we had a few issues.

How could I improve the original post?

I’ve used WHMCS and it’s the best billing system.

umm about the op separate the text with [release] tags makes it look all nice and neat

[release]Hello this is my text which is about blank[/release]

Thanks again, we had some issues with it and the support failed to help us. We are hoping to pay for the upgraded version.

If you are serious about hosting I suggest you do buy the upgraded version.

I do agree, thanks again for your feedback.

No problem mate just trying to help out.

I just upgraded to the latest version. The support gave me a discount and apologised for the way they handled their previous ticket. I will get on to installing it in a moment.

please change that default whmcs look it bores me to absolute death. I cant take companies seriously who use that look anymore

I have only just installed it, we were using a different software earlier.

I still need to develop a theme and if you check, the items haven’t been added yet.

I do agree, it is pretty boring.

I have just setup a promotional code which will give you 30% off your first month


Apply at the checkout, there is only 5 of this offer availible, don’t miss out!

I’d just like to say, I’ve been on SL1CHAOS’s server before. He’s a cool guy, and these guys will probably treat you better than how Brohoster treats their clients nowadays :v:

We do try :v:, we have a fair bit of experience and I hope we can please all our customers!

We are not a reseller, we actually purchased some dedicated servers and we co-located them in a datacenter. We are hoping to go onto game hosting eventually.

If you plan on going into game hosting you’ll need more than a 100mbit port.


I wouldn’t have thought so.

It is 100mbit up/down port per server.

I doubt you would need anymore.

But there are 1GB connections available.

If you don’t want all your clients going down when you get DDoS/DRDoS, then 1gbit is needed.

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Oh and you will. It’s a certainty when hosting GMod servers.

Well, our current datacenter supports that!

We will hope to go into game hosting in the next few months. We may apply for a Battlefield 3 hosting license as well!