DarkE Automatic Donation System

Okay, so the place that hosts my server is gmchosting.com. The guy who owns it is helping me set up DarkE’s Automated donation system, since he’s installed the same one for countless others. DarkE’s code: http://cdrh.ir/rnnx . However, as he was setting it up, he ran into an error he’s never seen before. I’ve contacted DarkE, but based on comments and his limited feedback, I thought I’d post here too. Here is a screenshot of the error: http://cdn.gmchosting.com/JEaG5.png Can anyone make sense of what went wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

We can’t help you with a paid script.

Ask the author of the addon.

I have, and he has not answered. According to a lot of people in the comments on his product, he doesn’t always answer. I like the addon, but this error is preventing me from putting a donation system on my server, which is already public.

Then wait?