DarkElfa's CT player models

These are DarkElfa’s very own player skins. I have hexed them made them into players and NPCs for your enjoyment. The credit for the skins goes to Elfa, models goes to Valve.

So, what do you think?

Here’s the link

Here are some pics



I really needed to clean this up.

Hey, by the way. Does anyone like the icons? I worked pretty hard on them and would like to know if they were worth the effort.

Forgot to mention, my friend ShutGunGuy49 helped with these(Heh, I say that but he really was just supportive about it all. He has helpful input though).

Why do the vests look like corsets? :raise:

Female CTs…

These look pretty nice.

I love these skins Darkelfa made, and I love them more, now that they’ve been made into playermodels.

Nice work, I will use these. Any possibility you are going to make more?


Make more of DarkElfa’s CTs or CTs in general? Because I am working on other ct players but, at the moment I don’t have computer. It’s having problems and I’m writing from my sisters PC. But, when I get my computer back you can expect more players.

Glad you all like’em.

i dont think these work gor gmod 11 :’[[[[[[ if they do were do i put them! i tryied addons and garrys mod/ garrys mod…

You sir… are an idiot!

what folder do i put these? ive never DLed a player model b4

/facepalm im am an idiot


and it still didnt work damn it

A mirror upload would be great. Torrents don’t agree with my computer. >.<

didnt darkelfa get hiv or aids or something

WOW, This looks really nice, Ill have to give it a try!

Do they work in singleplayer and multiplayer?
Like in singleplayer the “Neo Heavy Combine player model and npc Pack” works good but in multiplayer they stand up sideways in cars. :frowning:

I was thinking,
Do I need Counter-Strike Source for this?
The textures are new, so I don’t actually know,
Awesome models though

Please oh puhlease post a filefront link.

Yeah, you do because this is a reskin of the original Urban model and was turned into playermodels/npc’s.
It will still extract the model from counter-strike’s GCF.
So yes, you need counter-strike.

Holy Shoot, I have not checked this thread in a while.

NO, no nooooooo. You do NOT need CSS source for these to work. I made sure of that myself (That’s why I say “Requirements: None”!).

These are “hexed”. Meaning they will not overwrite the original Css models. They DO however overwrite the old Darkelfa player models.

I would be pretty sure that these models work in multiplayer. (Although I’m not sure, there’s no reason they shouldn’t). As for the Neo Heavy, I’m not sure what to say about that.

if you read the “Credits and info” text file you would know where to install these. That’s what tells you where everything goes. If you still dont understand I’m sure there are some good tutorials on how to install gmod downloads.

as for adding a mirror… Hey look at that. gmod.org has mirrors now. Happy?

If Darkelfa has HIV, I’m sorry for him… moving on.

I read the Info and extracted it to garrysmod\garrysmod and it still didnt work plz help

what is with the eyes


it is for css

Maybe if you told exactly what you’re doing. That may give me an idea of what to tell you.

… wait, “Extracted”? You’re giving me the idea that you unzipped the folders into garrysmod/garrysmod rather than copying and pasting. You see, you want to “Extract” the download (to wherever you want) and then enter the “darkelfa’s ct npcs and player model pack” until you see folders called “Lua, Materials, Models” and copy and paste those into garrysmod/garrysmod. Try that.