DarkerGaming.com - Infected Wars 1.2

DarkerGaming.com is a fresh new community, started by Doubleedge and populated by friendly players. We currently host 2 servers: [ul]
[li] Infected Wars 1.2 Public.
[/li][li] Zombie Survival 1.11
I am the main programmer for both servers. We also are open for donations if you want a title, or more in-game money in one of the servers.

Zombie Survival Server
Humans must survive 21 minutes against zombies, you have more chances of survival if you stick with your team. If you don’t, then you’re sure to join the zombies.
As zombie, you must eradicate the humans. New classes unlock as the infliction percentage increases.
You get in-game money by: [ul]
[li]killing zombies
[/li][li]killing humans
[/li][li]surviving as human
With that money, you can buy perks to help you survive against zombies, or eradicate the humans.

Connect to the Zombie Survival Server.

Infected Wars Server
There are 2 teams: The Special Forces and the Undead Legion. Basically, they must kill each other to win. But, if the Special Forces deplete the Undead Legion reinforcements, then they win. If the Undead Legion eradicate everyone in the Special Forces, then they win.
You get also in-game money by: [ul]
[li]killing an undead legion soldier
[/li][li]killing a special forces unit
[/li][li]surviving as special forces
With that money, you can buy perks to help you survive against the undead legion, or eradicate the special forces.

Connect to the Infected Wars Server.

Screen shots and videos

Infected Wars

Link to website

Lack of players, we didn’t get enough support to make more screen shots and such, but I promise I’ll put more as people join!

Yesterday we had about 18 players at once, it was pouring with people last night for a 20 slot server and it wasn’t even lagging at almost full, so I assure you all that you will not have ping lag or lagging issues in general. Also I’d like to say yes we’re the only infectedwars server out there in GMod and we also do updates to the gamemode every so often, so pop on in-game and stuff. We have friendly regulars and admins to keep your troubles to a minimum so pop on and thank you for reading this thread, I’d also like to thank Shen for adding/posting this thread to advertise my community, really appreciated.

Here’s the server in view:

We now have a Zombie Survival v1.11 server. Read the OP for more info.