DarkerRP 1.0.x

Looks pretty damn good. Downloading now.

ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘ScoreboardShow’ Failed: darkerrp\gamemode\cl_binds.lua:38: attempt to index global ‘HiddenButton’ (a nil value)
ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘ScoreboardHide’ Failed: darkerrp\gamemode\cl_binds.lua:46:


Bad sequence (2047 out of 5 max) in GetSequenceLinearMotion() for model ‘Player.mdl’!


first part should not be happening at all

second part looks like a map error

:S let me know if you really don’t have any luck with it. it was working on my end :S

thanks for testing, by the way!

What about that Css atm model I mentioned :v:

  1. I couldn’t find it

  2. I asked you where it was but you got banned so couldn’t reply

  3. If you could find it before I release 1.0, that would be awesome :wink:

No problem with the testing, Your script is lovely, But can you import/remake some buyable entities from Gmod RP?




Yeah I can

…and thanks Roleplay World, I’ll include it in RC4.


Hate to ask but could you make a system so you can give flags ingame?

Also how do you make it so a role needs flags?

Thanks in advanced. :biggrin:

The second error is actually just from players having no player model set in PlayerSetModel.

Yeah fixed it by updating the server. Also any ETA on RC4 I’ll surely keep hosting your gamemode. :U

The atm system and the inventory system look great! I’m going to try it out in a few minutes.

Because this IS CakeScript, you can make your own easily using templates and item files. Read the CakeScript G2 thread here: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=548406

Probably today some time. I don’t actually know how flags work at all… I don’t understand permaflags either. I should understand those before I change anything there I think. I understand flags as defining roles but not so much as giving and receiving flags… I assume an admin can give flags… if so, presumably they already can give them in-game? I don’t know… Nori? :stuck_out_tongue:

it looks auwesome u made a nice Rp mode =D
Good job lad!

I tried the ATM but it has no material for some weird reason…

EDIT: Ah that’s why, it’s from Evocity2. I’m going to switch back to the HEV plate for now, it’s quite small and simple


Here are the Item files for Sickness Vehicle pack (car dealer cars)


Thanks Philxyz.
Sad that you didn’t get the character deletion working though. :frowning:
Now what will i do with my hundreds of spam users used to quickly get in to test out a script!

It was such a pain to code… I’ve no idea why it was so hard but it just… it was just outside the realms of feasibility for now…


Download will be restored once garrysmod.org uploads are fixed.

I might be admin on some of your servers because I forgot to remove my steam id from admins.lua - you should remove it, it won’t be there in RC4 anyway.

RC4 almost done? Also I found the CSS model of the ATM if you want it.